36 Days of Type 2021

36 Days of Type︎︎︎ celebrates typography and creativity, involving designers, visual artists and creatives from all fields in a global and simultaneous act of creativity around type and letterforms.

My goal with this year's edition was to challenge myself to create a diverse body of work, utilizing as many tools as possible—whether analog or digital. Needless to say, my love for colour followed me and refused to leave my side as I created this set. 🌈

This was my first time participating in this challenge and I HAD A BLAST. There were days where I lacked motivation and the energy to create, but I've realized that it's possible to squeeze in some time in the day to just let loose and work on quick exercises like these.

I can't wait to experiment more and whip up bolder and crazier designs in the coming editions! 🧡
Typography, 3D Design, Analog Design
Year of Completion: 2021

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