After Hours: Riso Animation

This project is a riso animated motion video for the launch of The Weeknd’s album ‘After Hours’. Taking form of a Listening Party (a gathering of like-minded music heads  where a new album, single or music video is premieried), this is an intimate experience, one that people would generally enjoy alone, with their partner or in a small group.

At a time when many of us are at home, the After Hours Listening Party invites people to take a break from their daily hustle, listen together and go deeper into their own curiosity.

Risograph Printing, Motion Design, Print Design
Self-Initiated Project at Savannah College of Art and Design

Year of Completion: 2022

Special Mention to Kelli Anderson for hosting ‘Animating on the Risograph’
workshop organized by The Arm NYC LLC/ The Arm Letterpress.
Huge shoutout to Bromstad Printing Co. for their wonderful riso prints.

After Hours is an attempt of the artist opening up about his wrong doings or toxic traits as a person. Based on its current connotations, I thought a ‘Listening Party’ would be an ideal fit, an act of reconciliation with your loved ones. This album blends a noir-film storyline with 80s retro synthwave, so I started imagining shadows, granular, purples, imperfect, raw. Definitely analog, and not a mere digital piece.

Throughout the process, I asked myself the following questions:
How can I incorporate all my previous learnings in my Passion Project?
What should it say about me? How can I be brave and take more risks?
Can I make something unexpected? Can I keep learning?
Can I venture out into an unknown territory?

Behind the Scenes:

The initial stages included understanding Riso Printing, prepping my video as frames
and creating contact sheets.  The later stages comprised of scanning these contact sheets, stitching frames into a video, post production and adding context to my designs.

Frame development

︎︎︎ P R E V I O U S