Lovers in Quarantimes

While the lockdown has been frustrating for many, it's been a refresher for all the lovers, who've been able to keep their love blooming through these challenging
times. Lovers in Quarantimes celebrates love in all its forms and is dedicated to all those glowing and growing in each other's company.

I was also thrilled to be a part of Cards For a Cause as a contributing artist, alongside some extremely talented folks, where I showcased this project. A collective effort of 55+ artists, this was a brilliant, thoughtful initiative with the simple idea of donating all profits to Give India and help the fight against this pandemic.

Illustration, Character Design

Big ups to @theartletpoetry︎︎︎ and @wecliq︎︎︎ for
letting me be a part of this special project.

Year of Completion: 2020

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