Spudnik︎︎︎, a gourmet potato bowl restaurant on West Broughton Street in Savannah, GA. Hidden in plain sight, Spudnik is the abode of the humble potato, but has a voice and ambition that is anything but soft. In roughly 15-20 years, Spudnik wishes to franchise to the large cities of the US, but currently lacked its own voice, looked loose, outdated and out of sync with its customers.

Moreover, even though the franchisor market, cost of potatoes and COVID regulations eased up in favor of Spudnik, yet no one seemed to show up. So we gathered that the real problem wasn’t related to the pandemic. It was in its outreach methods.

Through this rebrand, we wanted Spudnik’s independent voice to shine through a seamless brand language. Young. Bold. Jester. We wanted it to sound sassy and authentic, just as Spud is.

V I E W   P R O C E S S  B O O K  H E R E .

Brand Refresh, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Visual Design,
Packaging Design, Advertising, and Marketing

Duke Greenhill︎︎︎ (Chair, Advertising & Branding and
Graphic Design & Visual Experience at Savannah College
of Art and Design

Sanika Palsikar, Tanya Kar, Yannick Roos, Vivek Gupta 
Customer Journey & User Personas: Sanika Palsikar 
Brand Development & Execution: Tanya Kar 
Advertising & Marketing Content: Yannick Roos

Year of Completion: 2021

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