I believe in a simple theory—to make people around me feel something through my work. Design does that, it awakens and provokes. It’s the manifestation of the changes we see around us, the movements that shape our culture and is a key element in everything we experience today. Design is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. It's inspiring and empowering, sometimes even detrimental, but definitely omnipresent, and more often that not, our creations are heavily dependent on what catches our attention. What moves us. What makes us think. Through my designs, I want to impart a wholesome energy, a feel-good factor, positivity. 

I strive to create a cohesive vibrant community where I can strip people of their worries, anxiety and that overwhelming feeling, because my rule is pretty simple—designing for happiness.

Game Design, 3D Illustration, Character Design, Packaging Design,

Mentor: Eric Shumate︎︎︎(Professor of Graphic Design &
Visual Experience at Savannah College of Art and Design)

Year of Completion: 2020

Pentawards Silver Award Winner 2021 (Student Category)︎︎︎

Happiness shouldn’t be limited to only a handful—it should be inclusive of all
people, irrespective of their gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality and
beliefs. We, as millennials, being a more liberal generation, should be at the
forefront of this movement, shunning the traditional ideas and creating a future
where everyone belongs.

My objective is to create work which is diverse, which celebrates people over
everything else and that's where Win-Win comes in. These are a set of diverse
playing cards which follow a theme of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.

Each card is a unique individual with a specific virtue.

Through my design practice, I intend to include humanity in ways big & small,
and recognize that the voices of the sidelined & ostracized are no less deserving—
their identities, individuality & ideas contribute to the rainbow of life. The effect of
consciously-designed experiences can be hugely impactful & a positive force for
societal change. I hope to provide comfort & spread happiness through my work
and create designs more useful, lasting & inclusive of all people. I will strive to direct 
my skills for the betterment of humanity, towards a more sustainable environment.

Video in collaboration with BLAH BLAH Dao

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